Turkish Coastal Security officers recovered seven bodies in the Aegean Sea during a search and rescue operation on Tuesday.

The boat, sank in the international waters, was on its way to the Greek island Lesbos, which is around 20 kilometers from the Turkish shore. It was believed to set sail from the Turkish city of Çanakkale.

The bodies of the victims were brought to Babakale port by the officials. One of the victims of the accident was 22-year old Barış Yazgı from the southeastern province of Siirt who was dreaming of being a violin virtuoso. The body of the young man was recovered as he tightly embraced his violin case. In Yazgı’s case the officials also found music notes.

Yazgı was believed to be heading to Belgium where he was planning to take a music education. Yazgı’s hopes had started to fade away when he failed to obtain a visa to Belgium. He, then, decided to join the refugees and undertake the dangerous journey which ended tragically.